Is your organisation ready for the future world of work? Do you have the workforce you need for tomorrow? How do you match up?

Take PwC Malta’s Workforce Strategy Diagnostic and find out how you compare to your peers and others.

Navigating the future of work

We are witnessing a fundamental transformation in today’s world of work. Business and HR leaders must quickly gauge and respond to the implications of such fast paced change and prepare their workforce for the future. Organisations need a strong workforce strategy, aimed at taking action today to prepare for tomorrow’s work, workforce and work environment.

The results of PwC Malta and FHRD’s 2019 HR Pulse Survey illustrate that only 14% of respondent organisations have an effective upskilling and reskilling strategy in place. In addition, 49% of HR functions locally are not involved in key digital transformation activities related to people.

What are the questions organisations are asking today as they develop a future of work narrative?

  • How effective is my organisation’s workforce strategy today and how well is it prepared for the future of work?
  • How am I planning for an uncertain future?
  • How do my decisions on technology, automation and artificial intelligence impact my workforce?
  • What changes are required in my People/HR practices today to be fit for the future world of work?
  • How well prepared is my organisation compared to others in my industry?

Our maturity model assesses preparedness in three distinct areas:

  1. Technology Planning Talent

Take the Workforce Strategy Diagnostic now to find out how you compare to your peers and others.

The set of questions will take you about 10 minutes to complete. At the end of the diagnostic, you will receive a view of your scores and maturity designations by Workforce Strategy component (i.e., planning, technology, talent) and actions to consider.


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