Get Qualified Scheme

Supported by the Maltese enterprise, this scheme supports the personal development of individuals for the achievmenet of qualifications and certifications required by industry.

The incentive is applicable for individuals following a course which leads to a certification, diploma or post graduate degree courses. List of approved courses is available on:

Once successful, students receive up to 70% of the total fees paid in the form of tax credits.

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Investing in skills

This scheme was launched to promote the training of persons actively participating in the Maltese Labour Market, with the aim to increase productivity and enhance adaptability.

Budget of €5 million available until 30th June 2023.

Eligibility Critieria

Eligible applicants cover all employers having an economic activity irrespective of their legal form. These include partnerships, companies, family businesses, associations, individual self-employed or other body of persons, NGOs and Social Partners.

NGOs and Social Partners not having an economic activity are also eligible to benefit from the scheme.

Form of Aid

Aid is granted in the form of a cash refund, the following are training costs and wage costs reimbursed:

Training Type Entity Size Aid Sensitivity Capping
Non Accredited Training €25 €4.90 Up to 25 hours
Accredited* Training €25 €4.90 All contact hours

*Training must be accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA), ITS(Institute of Tourism Studies), UOM (University of Malta) and MCAST (Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology where MQF/EQF Levels 1-5 will be accepted under investing In Skills

**Refundable if training occurs during normal working hours of the trainees. In the case of Distance Learning or e-Learning, wage costs cannot be reimbursed.

Aid intensity

Entity Size Aid Intensity
Large Entities 50%
Medium Entities 60%
Small and Micro Entities 70%

Training Pays Scheme (TPS)

Eligibility criteria

This scheme forms part of the ESF.01.001 – Training for Employment Project and it aims to assist individuals to develop and/or improve their skills by participating in further off-the-job education and training.

Open to all applicants of working age population 16 – 64. Participants may apply for any training programme as long as the course is:

  • Not offered by Jobsplus
  • Offered by a licenced training institution
  • Pegged between MQF Level 1 to 5
  • Minimum costs of training excluding VAT must be €100

Form of Aid

Grant shall be equivalent to 75% of the direct training costs but will not exceed the maximum of €1,000. Grant is reimbursed directly to the participant after successful completion of training and upon presentation of an invoice and an official receipt of payment together with a copy of the certificate.

The maximum allowable grant for any applicant in one calendar year is capped at €1,000. 

Training costs shall mean tuition fees, training material, registration fees and examination fees paid by the applicant. Non-eligible costs include seminars or conferences, online courses (that are delivered by unlicensed training institutions and do not lead to an accredited certification) and SEC / MATSEC examinations. In circumstances such as the CELTA or TEFL Courses, persons who are already employed as teachers or have a related teaching occupation with an English Language School may not apply for funds under the Training Pays Scheme.

It is important that payment of registration fees, administration fees, early booking fees or similar costs, invoices and receipts must be dated after the Training Pays application date.

The maximum allowable grant for any applicant in one calendar year (from January to December) will be capped at €1,000. Applications will remain open until the 30th March 2023 subject to availability of funds.  End of course date shall not exceed the 30th June 2023.  Applications for Subsidy will be approved on a first come first served basis. 

Jobsplus notifies that no authorisation has been given to any third parties to advertise any course / programme on its behalf, and neither authorised third parties to publicise any course / programme of study as in any way eligible for TPS Grants.

Skills Development Scheme

Through this scheme, Malta Enterprise supports business undertakings to provide training to develop and upskill their workforce.

Eligible training

The training should provide participants with skills and knowledge that enhances their potential for personal growth and development and must specifically address the skills and knowledge requirements of the business.

Training which is mandatory by law is not supported. 

Eligible costs

Malta Enterprise shall provide support for the following costs:

  • Consultancy costs for developing the training programme
  • Wage costs of trainees, covering direct contact hours during which the trainee is participating in the training
  • Hourly costs covering direct contact hours of training service providers engaged to deliver trainin/li>
  • Air Travel expense incurred to send trainees to foreign training locations if the training is not available locally and it is more economically feasible than holding the training locally
  • Air Travel expense incurred to bring trainers to Malta
  • Rental of Training rooms, tools and equipment, to the extent that they are used exclusively for the training project

Form of Aid

Aid is granted in the form of a tax credit. However, Malta Enterprise may consider and approve that the aid is awarded as a cash grant in respect to training requirements which are directly related to the following activities:

  • Manufacturing – the production, manufacture, improvement, assembly, preservation and processing of goods, materials, commodities, equipment, plant and machinery. The activity carried out should result in product(s) that are clearly distinct from the materials and components utilised
  • Repair, overhaul or maintenance, overhaul or maintenance of ships, aircraft industrial engines or industrial electromechanical equipment
  • Software developing, writing, modifying and testing, including training on cyber solutions such as distributed ledger systems, data storage, data transmission, data recovery, automation, cyber security and artificial intelligence
Size of Undertaking %
Small 70
Medium 60
Large 50

List of qualifying training

In order for a business to be considered for this incentive, businesses should be engaged in one or more of the following activities:

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial services
  • Laundry & Dry cleaning
  • Information Technology: Computer programming / Data Processing & hosting facilities / Data Processing services / Electronic & mobile platforms
  • Call Centre activities
  • R&D, Design and/or innovation
  • Logistics
  • Waste treatment
  • Filming & audiovisual productions
  • Game development
  • Education
  • Health Care Services
  • Hospitality
  • Cultural restoration
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Fishing & Aquaculture

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