PwC’s Academy

Customer Experience

Good customer experience leaves people feeling heard and appreciated.  It minimizes friction, maximizes efficiency and maintains a human element. Give customers a great experience and they’ll buy more, be more loyal and share their experiences with friends. That’s what every company strives for. Yet so many consumers seem disappointed

In today’s evolving business landscape, companies have shifted their approach to become more customer centric and at the heart of the customer centric methodology we find customer experience.

Customer experience focuses on how a customer feels and the emotional responses they experience as they interact with and throughout their journey. But if your company is going to make the switch over to a customer-centric approach you’ll need to develop an effective customer experience strategy. The very first step in doing this is training your team.

At PwC our training approach in the field of user experience is totally hands on and is aimed at helping individuals identify areas which need solving. In addition, our experts are able to run specific sessions whereby assisting clients from both a strategy and training point of view.


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